Ovation Ratings
Three sets of hands (excels) from Dean
Three sets of hands (excels) from Chris
Three sets of hands (excels) from Chris
Comment/Personal Review
My review is overdue, as I have been going to Erik periodically for a few years now.  During that time, I have seen perhaps 25 other masseurs, both local and visiting, but none of them as frequently, since for me they haven’t provided the broad spectrum experience - therapeutic, sensual and nurturing - that Erik does.  And I think a large part of that is due to the massage being done on a futon, which allows a range of body connection and positioning that a table just doesn’t.  Plus his training in acupuncture gives him an understanding of the body’s meridians and pressure points and how different parts of the body connect energetically, which was very helpful when a couple tender spots on the soles of my feet told him what corresponding organ meridians on other areas of my body needed massage stimulation.  My face and hands get attention too.  And speaking of feet...he manages to use his, very effectively I might add, for massaging as well. Another benefit for me personally was my discovery that Erik is open to sharing his personal experiences dealing with his unresolved childhood issues and his addiction/recovery process. His honest and nonjudgmental self-gained wisdom helped me gain insight into my own issues and was a rare opportunity to discuss things that I have found most people don't want to talk about.  Overall, I appreciate that his technique surprises, rather than having a “massage school” predictability to it.  I like how the session has a steady crescendo, with a very nice finish.  His rates are definitely reasonable, and it doesn't hurt that he is good looking and that I always enjoy going to his warm and beautiful studio. I recommend you treat yourself and give him a try! - Dean
Erik has developed one of the most unique and relaxing massage routines on a soft futon surrounded by far eastern decor. He combines meditative sounds and ambiance with a unique massage that includes, stretching, massaging, acupuncture points and chakra work. Erik's talent is incredible. I left feeling almost euphoric. I highly recommend Erik and look forward to my next massage with him. - Chris